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an abnormal condition of sleep

A unisex fashion collection that analyzes the German Expressionist movement through its use of horror to portray societal fears and issues. Fear is more than just an emotion, but rather a full body state of distress. The garments enact this by consuming the wearer through their creeping necklines and swaths of fabric. They also embody the erratic aesthetic of the period through hand-crafted and 3D printed textiles. German Expressionism was a period of great creative innovation in the arts through film and technology and utilizing 3D printing is the modern zeitgeist of innovation in fashion.

Photographer: Kasia Jarosz

HMUA: Zazu Salons

Models: Ryan Tihinen + Jules Nohner

Collection shot at the Driehaus Museum in Chicago, IL and organized by the Driehaus Design Initiative

​​First two Photos:

Photographer: David Grant

HMUA: Bridget Rzymski

Model: Shaheem (SelectModel)


Photographer: Tony Esparza

HMUA: David Grant

Models: Christine Vi+ Kyle Pierre 

Collection was partially funded by the Albert Weisman Award from Columbia College Chicago in 2019

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